Diógenes Cuevas 

Feature film / Fiction / in development

2017. Amid the tension of a total closure and the militarization of the border between Colombia and Venezuela, FIDEL, a single father in his forties, works as a smuggler crossing people from one country to another to later sell them to the criminal gang that operates in the area.

One day, after losing a group of illegal immigrants at the hands of the Colombian Army, Fidel is forced to escape with his daughter DAMARIS, a 15-year-old teenager, to Venezuela to avoid getting killed.

There, in the neighboring country, father and daughter will have to put aside their differences to focus on seeking refuge and surviving each day.

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  • Project winner of the Cinematographic Development Fund of Colombia (FDC) in the feature fiction film development category, 2023.
  • Project selected in the Film Projects category of the Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM) 2023, winning a direct pass to the Rotterdam Lab 2024.
  • Project selected in the Producers Lab of Sanfic 2023.
  • Project selected in the International Producers Meeting, as part of FICCI 2023, winning several development awards.
  • Project winner at the Miradas Medellín Festival 2022, Miradas in Development category, winning several teaser post-production awards.
  • Project winner in the feature fiction film scriptwriting category of the Cinematographic Development Fund of Colombia (FDC) 2021.
  • Project selected for the Meet Your Match – Dream Ago, 2020.
  • Project selected for the international script workshop Plume & Pellicule in Switzerland, 2020.
  • Project selected for Labguion, Cinefilia’s script laboratory in Colombia, 2019.
Poster Fidel